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Program Benefits:
Massage Suite has been designed in a way to minimize the amount of work you need to do with regard to medical massage billing and tracking various items related to your massage practice. After you have entered the initial supporting information into the database, you will only need to select a few pieces of information for the software to be able to do most of the work for you.

Don't let the number of options scare you away because you think it will be too complicated, or that it is more than you need right now. Since all the options are visible, you can go straight to the features you need without having to wade though items you don't need at the moment.

There are no transactions in Massage Suite that are sent electronically to an external source. You can choose to create a text file and send it electronically over the web to Office Ally if you wish to use their free electronic submission service.
The database is encrypted and password protected. There are additional passwords controlled by the owner of the software who determines who has access to the program and the data it contains.
The owner of the software can further require users to reenter their password before viewing certain screens that contain client information if desired.
Each client is uniquely identified within the database.
There is an automatic log off feature that will return the computer to the Main screen and lock the program by requiring the user to reenter their password after a period of screen inactivity as determined by the owner.
The owner is responsible for the physical security of the computer as well as making and securing the backup data.

Features include:
'Company' - Maintain your business information along with program settings for the Appointment Calendar, margin and printer settings for the CMS form, labels, and statements. Maintain Sales and Service Tax information. Enter up to 3 locations and addresses for multiple locations (can be used for CMS Box 32) as well as being able to maintain your Appointments for up to three different locations.
'Tax Rates' - Maintain different tax rates for services / product sales.
'CPT Codes' - Modality billing codes (ex. 97124, 97010).
'Modality' - Modalities that can be entered into four categories (Medical, Relaxation, Spa, Other). This allows you to pay therapists working for you at different rates for each category. Maintain number of units and unit pricing. You can also enter a flat rate fee to pay therapists working for you instead of a percentage rate.
'Diagnosis Code' - Maintain diagnosis codes.
'Personnel' - Massage therapist and staff information.

'Therapist Percent' - Enter percentage rate paid to therapist for services and product sales. You can also enter flat fee premiums for Relaxation, Spa, and Other Category modalities.

'Referring Provider' - Maintain referring provider information and referring provider ID by coverage.
'Attorney' - Maintain attorney information.
'Coverage' - Maintain companies/plans (Health Insurance, Workers Comp, Auto Insurance) for medical massage sessions. You can also maintain multiple addresses for each company/plan. Enter default coverage amounts the the plans allow ($ allowed per unit and % paid).
'Client' - Maintain contact, coverage (billing), condition, medical treatment, relaxation treatment, and other information. Enter default treatment information to allow the program to save you time by filling in the information for you on the medical/relaxation session screens. A client can have their own 'Gift Certificate', 'Advance Payment', 'Package', and 'Custom Package'.

You have the ability to view a photo of your client from the Client screen and also the Appointment Calendar.

Access the 'Session Setup' screen where you maintain room setup information and client massage preferences.

Access the 'Client Intake' screen to enter occupational/environmental and health information.

'Group' - Allows you to create groups. For example, you could create a Group call "John Smith and family". Members of the group can be John Smith, Jan Smith, Sally Smith, and Jack Smith. A client can only belong to one group at a time. A group can have its own 'Gift Certificate', 'Advance Payment', 'Package', and 'Custom Package'. Anyone belonging to the group can use any or all of these items. A client with any or all of these can also belong to a group with these items. The program will keep them separate.
'Custom Packages' - You are able to create defined treatment packages consisting of up to 10 modalities. You are able to specify prices for each modality. This screen is where you create Custom Package Templates that you can sell to clients on the 'Custom Package' screen. If you have a package consisting of more than 10 modalities, just create two templates that you can sell as a pair.
'Special Pricing' - If a group or client receives special pricing, you can enter it here and the program will use this price when you create a relaxation session record. The special pricing is entered by modality and can be a fixed amount or a percentage/dollar reduction of the current rate.
'List of Values' - Maintain values for seven drop-down lists throughout the program.
'Gift Certificate' - Maintain information about Gift Certificates. It can be issued to a group or client, or even left unassigned if it was given to an individual who is not currently a client. You can specify a package or modality as well as the modality price. You can apply all or part of the balance.

You can create No Charge Gift Certificates that you can donate or give away and also be able to track the value on the Financial Report.

'Advance Payment' - If for any reason a client or group should pay in advance for treatment, or purchase a 'Package' or 'Custom Package', the program will maintain a record of the open balance. You can apply all or part of the balance as needed.

You can also use this feature to keep track of any Bartering you do. You can track the amount and apply it as needed. These amounts are reported separately on the Financial Report.

'Package' -  This is where you sell a "6 for the price of 5" package, or a "7 for the price of 5" package, or whatever combination you wish (99 is the highest number allowed) to a client or group. One restriction is that the division needs to come out even. For example: If the package is a "6 for 5 60 minute Relaxation Massage" and 5 cost $300 ($60 each), the price for 6 will still be $300 ($50 each). If you tried a "7 for 5" and charged $300, the price would have to be $42.857142 each. Since we are talking dollars and cents, the program will not accept anything past two decimals. You would either have to adjust the amount charged ($299.95, $42.85 each) in this example, or enter it as a 'Custom Package'. The program will track and display usage and close the 'Package' when it is complete.
'Custom Package' - This is where you sell a predefined 'Custom Package' to a client or group. You can even sell a 'Custom Package' that is not defined. In other words, you can sell a completely unique package designed at the time of sale with its own pricing. The program will track and display usage and close the 'Custom Package' when it is complete.
'Snap Shot' - This screen is used to display information about a client or group - Account Balance, Gift Certificates, Advance Payments, Packages, Custom Packages, Treatments, Coverage, Coverage Benefits, Session Setup Information, and Treatment Notes.
'Reports' - Statement of Account - Client Statement; Client History by date for Medical Massage, for Relaxation Massage, by Coverage, by Referral, or by Referring Provider.
Financial Report -
Cash Report By Date range. Single day will show detail and summary. Date range will show summary. Also Activity / Tax Report By Date range. Will display activity based on the date of the transaction along with any applicable taxes related to the transactions.
Print CMS-1500 - You can print individual or combined CMS forms here. You can also create the claim file to submit your claims electronically with Office Ally.
Activity Report - Display
Medical Massage and Relaxation Massage by date range with summary by personnel for a single client or all clients.
Mailing labels (All Clients, Medical Massage Patients, Relaxation Massage Clients, User Selection, Criteria, Birthday, Prospects, Non-Client Sales, Referring Provider, Attorney, Coverage).
Extract Email - All Clients, Medical Massage Patients, Relaxation Massage Clients, Future Appointments.
Extract Billing Data - Print Custom form if you do not print it at the time the session record is created.
Outstanding Balance - Open accounts. Calculates expected receipts for Medical Massage based on patient coverage record.
Payroll Report - By date range if you pay other massage therapists.
Open Items - Report to show open Advance Payments, Gift Certificates, Packages, and Custom Packages.
Item Usage - Report to show Advance Payment application, Gift Certificate application, Package usage, and Custom Package usage by Group or Client.
Documentation - Print CMS/Custom forms, SOAP notes, other documentation you entered by Patient/Referral or Patient/Incident combination.

One feature you may find useful will be the ability to produce a medical massage bill on something other than the CMS form. Massage Suite is currently being used to print the local Department of Labor and Industries form to bill for Workers' Compensation injuries. You will be able to design your own form with information pulled from the database. Other mail merge features can and will be designed in response to user requests.

Other reports are available on different screens.
Phone List, Referred By reports can be viewed/printed on the Client screen.
Expense, Miscellaneous Income and Mileage
reports can be viewed/printed on the Exp / Inc / Miles screen.
Product MRP report can be viewed/printed on the Product screen.
Past and future appointments by therapist or client can be viewed/printed on the Appointment Calendar screen.
Promotion report can be viewed/printed by Detail or Summary on the Promotion screen.

The selection of reports will continued to grow. Users can submit requests for the creation of reports.

'Incident' - This feature allows you to track sessions and documentation related to a client incident/accident/injury.
'Client Referral' - You enter referral information for a medical massage client such as the referring provider, length of referral and frequency of treatments. The referral will be added to any medical session created within the date range that the referral covers. This can be used for reporting purposes. The program can also notify you of medical massage referrals that are nearing their expiration.
'Medical Session' - Here is where you will enter a medical massage session. It contains all the information that will be needed to produce a bill (CMS or designed). You can print the CMS for a session immediately from this screen or you can combine sessions on a CMS through the Report screen. You can also create SOAP notes from this screen.
'Medical Payment' - Payments for medical massage sessions are entered here.
'Relaxation Session' - Here is where you will enter a relaxation massage session. You can enter the session, mark it as part of a package, apply payment, all with only a few clicks of the mouse. You can also create SOAP notes from this screen.
'Relaxation Payment' - Payments for relaxation massage sessions can be entered here.
'Work Schedule' - You enter the working schedule for all the massage therapists which will be displayed on the 'Appointments' calendar.
'Appointments' - This is a graphical appointment calendar that allows for up to 12 rooms. Print past and future appointments by therapist or client. All appointments that are not deleted or moved by dragging will be retained in a history file.

You can view any day in the past and see all the appointments for that day including completed, cancelled, rescheduled, and no-shows. 

'Client To Group' - Transfer Advance Payment, Package, Custom Package from Client use to Group use.
'Prospect/Sales' - This is used to maintain mailing information about people who have requested information about your business (Prospect). It also provides a way to maintain a list of people who are not clients, but who purchase Gift Certificates or Packages for friends and/or relatives that are your clients as a gift (Sales).
'SOAP/Initial Setup' - Setup information for the SOAP and Initial Health Screens.
'Promotions' - Feature to allow you to track the results of promotions.
'Exp / Inc / Miles' - Feature to allow you to track business expenses, miscellaneous income and mileage. Print report by date range.
'Resource' - Feature to allow you to enter resources/contacts under user defined categories.
'Vendor' - Sources for products.
'Product' - Enter products you sell. Enter minimum reorder point, price. Program tracks quantity on hand, average cost, inventory value. Print MRP report.
'Source' - Maintain record of multiple sources for a product.
'Transaction' - Six product transactions - Purchase, Return to Vendor, Sale, Return from Sale, Adjustment, and Payment.
'Company To Bill' - Maintain list of companies for billing purposes.
'Billing Fees' - Maintain list of fees companies are billed for.
'Create Bill' - Create a bill.
'Bill Payment' - Enter payments received.
Multi-User (Network) Environment
There is a check box on the 'Company' screen to indicate that you are using the program on a network. When checked, the program will only allow one person at a time to have a Client's or Group's records open. This is to prevent the possibility of errors occurring with balances (dollar or quantity) of sessions, payments, advance payments, gift certificates, packages, and custom packages. Users can access different records at the same time.

This DOES NOT prevent two users from accessing supporting data records at the same time. For example, two users can call up the same attorney record (there is no indication that another user is in the record) and make changes. The database will contain the information from the user that updates the record last.

Even though the supporting data for the most part will stay very static, and the possibility of two people changing the same record at the same time is small, you should develop policies/procedures on how supporting data is updated so this will not be an issue if you are working on a network.

If you are on a stand alone computer, checking this feature will just make the program have to access the database more than is necessary.

There is no additional charge to use Massage Suite on a network. You just need to understand the limitations as stated above.

Question: Will it work on a Mac or Linux?:

Based on the information I found saying that ActiveX components do not run under the Linux or Mac OS, I will not be able to create a version for them. The program would lose the SOAP Notes, Reporting tool, and the Appointment Calendar in a Linux or Mac version.

Home Demo Order Form User Manual Start Up Guide
Electronic Claim Submission      AudioVisual Demonstrations

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