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Massage Suite is a software program designed for a massage therapy practice. Work began in early 2003 working with the owner of a massage therapy clinic. The software has features designed to help manage the day to day recordkeeping and billing for both relaxation and medical massage. The software gives you the ability to create SOAP notes for both relaxation and medical sessions. CMS form, and custom forms, for medical massage billing can be printed very quickly. The software provides for seven income streams (Relaxation Massage, Medical Massage, Advance Payments, Gift Certificates, Product Sales, Billing, and Miscellaneous Income). The software contains a number of other features to help make managing your massage therapy practice easier.
I want you to know that yours is the 4th massage business software that I previewed and found it to be a superior product both in function and price. None of the expensive programs came close to all of the options that you provide, nor did they offer support for any length of time.

My first reaction to the opening page was that it was cluttered, but when I used it I realized that everything I needed was in plain view making it very user-friendly. I immediately ordered it! My clients are going to think I have a wonderful memory with all of the information I'll have at my fingertips. Thank you for your wonderful product; it's exactly what I was looking for.

S.Y., CMT                MORE COMMENTS

Massage Suite runs on Windows. It has been successfully installed and run on Windows XP, Vista and 7. The screen resolution needs to be a minimum of 1024 x 768.
A demo of v1.7 is available for download. 
See below for those outside of the U.S.

The only limitation in the demo is a limit of 5 client records and 30 each Medical and Relaxation sessions. The demo contains all the functionality of version 1.7.


Massage Suite v1.7 is available. You can print out your claims on the newly revised CMS 1500 form, or submit your claims electronically through Office Ally.

The cost is $150.00 delivered in the US.

Support Fees and Update (manual Internet download) Fees - No charge

The current version of the user's manual is available to view. If you have high speed Internet access, you can view it online. You can still view it if you have a dial up connection, but the screen shots will load slowly. If you have dial up, you may want to download a file to install it on your computer since there are a lot of screen shots which will make it slow viewing online. The files will be installed in c:\MassageSuite\usermanual unless you change the location. Double click on the file named index.htm. You will view the manual with your Internet browser as a web page.

You can now submit your claims electronically for FREE. Massage Suite works with a HIPAA compliant clearinghouse called Office Ally. All you need to do is create the text file in Massage Suite with one or more claims, and then you upload the file to their web site for them to submit your claims.

An upgrade is planned to incorporate on-line appointment scheduling (along with other features) into Massage Suite. This will make Massage Suite a truly complete software program for massage therapists. 

The price for Massage Suite will remain $150 after the upgrade. Current users will receive the upgrade at no charge when it is released. Before paying more money for another program that offers you less, take into consideration your long term goals and desires when deciding which software program will benefit you the most at a reasonable price.

This feature is in partnership with a new service called Appointment Place ( If you want to use the on-line appointment feature when it is available, there will be a yearly charge of only $75 payable to Appointment Place. This fee is a flat rate regardless of the number of personnel, resources, schedules, services, clients or appointments.

This on-line appointment scheduling service is also available as a stand alone program. You can check it out and sign up at


If you have questions or suggestions, please send an e-mail to or fill in the form below.

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Demo Order Form User Manual Software Features Start Up Guide
Electronic Claim Submission      AudioVisual Demonstrations

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